WORTH A LOOK?: *****

Writer/director Damien Chazelle’s last film Whiplash, the story of a jazz drummer and his abusive instructor, won three Oscars.

  • Read on for reasons including our pick of the songs in this musical

The rise in popularity of the quality boxset is in no small measure down to the Hollywood obsession with films about super heroes relying ever more on effects at the expense of writing which engages the heart.

La La Land however is a great reason for the boxset lovers to venture safely back to their multiplexes in the knowledge that what they’re about to see will raise spirits and make them feel.

Ryan Gosling plays jazz pianist Sebastian who wants to transform his favourite venue from the samba and tapas present it inhabits. Emma Stone’s Mia works in a coffee house on a movie lot as she auditions for roles. They make for an enchanting couple with real chemistry that you will to get together.

Never predictable, we watch as Sebastian finds success and Mia struggles. We learn what they are passionate about, how they are willing to compromise and what following your dreams (or not) can bring you.

We chose City Of Stars (above) as our favourite song because it beautifully sums up how in love Mia and Sebastian fall.

But it’s a soundtrack which completely stands up on its own and the opening two numbers in particular, Another Day Of Sun and Someone in The Crowd, are as joyous and life affirming as musicals get.

La La Land won seven Golden Globes last weekend and we expect it to score big in the Oscar nominations Tuesday.

Looking for a stylish musical with some wonderful tunes unafraid to wear its heart on its sleeve? Look no further.

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