REVIEW: Melodifestivalen heat 2: afterparty

Welcome to our review of Melodifestivalen heat 2 and our own exclusive Mello afterparty curated especially for you, dear reader. Thanks to everyone who joined us last week, we were bowled over by your enthusiasm. It was our most popular content of 2016. Did your favourites get through? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Read on for our thoughts on Saturday night’s Malmö show, the results and some best of Melodifestivalen clips

SPOILER ALERT: Congratulations to David Lindgren and Wiktoria for making it to the 12/3 Mello final.

Well done also to Molly Pettersson Hammar and Isa for being selected for the 5/3 Andra Chansen.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 16.32.30

Next week’s Mello heat 3 is from Norrköping and features our all-time favourite Mello act. We shared our favourite performance of theirs at last week’s afterparty. Here’s their only other attempt. It’s all handclaps ahoy, pointy fingers, features a staircase amid its elaborate staging and is, we fear, innuendo laden. Lucky our Swedish is so poor. We’d say someone’s been listening to Go West by the PSBs too much but of course they’ve been there and done that already:

Also returning are Swingfly who delighted us when they finished 5th with Me and My Drum in 2011. They prove in this clip that there’s nothing wrong with live vocals sounding completely different to the record:

Returning also is Oscar Zia who finished 8th in 2014 with Yes We Can and, according to Wikipedia, came out as gay this month. Just in time for his Mello performance. Welcome to the club Oscar! You’ll fit in just fine:

We know very little about Lisa Ajax who also sings next week (the rather glum sounding My Heart Wants Me Dead, cheer up love, it’s Melodifestivalen dear) but do recognise one of the writers of her song as the genius behind one of our favourite pop bands who also had a shot at Mello:

What did you think of tonight’s show? Let us know in the comments below. Look out for our preview of heat 3 on this site from Thursday next week. Happy Melodifestivalen!

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Melodifestivalen. Watch Melodifestivalen here.
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