PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen heat 2

WHEN? 7pm Saturday 13/2 on SVT (link at the bottom of the preview)

Last week we predicted the top 4 finishers in heat 1 but had Samir & Viktor in the final instead of Robin Bengtsson. This week’s heat 2 from Malmö is far closer to call – but call it we shall.

  • Read on for our predictions for this week’s seven entries

1. David Lindgren: PREDICTION: FINAL

Melodifestivalen’s Mr Safe Pair Of Hands has already reached the final twice, finishing 4th with Shout It Out in 2012 and 8th with Skyline the following year. We think he’ll benefit from being the best of only two male soloists in this heat. Co-written by Sharon Vaughn (Ellen Benediktson’s fabulous Songbird in 2014) the lyrics are a bit Eurovision-by-numbers at their most toe-curling (‘A million candles into space, we are your tomorrow, we’ll find a better way, light up a brighter day… zzz). Perhaps the Swedes won’t notice.

2. Victor och Natten: PREDICTION: bottom 2

The second spot is traditionally the graveyard slot and we can’t see Viktor och Natten’s jaunty rap in Swedish bucking this trend. He’s considerably adrift from the rest of the pack in the betting also. Older MF viewers may have happier memories of when this title was last deployed.

3. Molly Pettersson Hammar: PREDICTION: Andra Chansen

Molly opened last year’s Melodifestivalen with the terrific I’ll Be Fine and the new internet voting procedure was blamed for the failure of the girlfriend of 2013 winner Robin Stjernberg to progress. We think she’ll do better this year but are hoping for more from the full-length Hunger. Co-written by the team behind last year’s winner and Ace Wilder’s entry from heat 1, this isn’t their best. Molly’s Adele-style over-singing might also prove a bit Marmite.


Isa finished 7th in last year’s final with Don’t Stop and this sounds like something completely different, an anthemic ballad. Bit shouty in the clip. Benefitting hugely from the 2m 30s version. This builds – and builds. Ballads haven’t traditionally done well in MF, although Undo won for Sanna Nielsen in 2014. This isn’t as good as that but it’s not bad at all.

5. Krista Siegfrids: PREDICTION: Andra Chansen

Krista made the 2013 Eurovision final at this very venue representing Finland (see picture of her act’s lesbian kiss above) but we think she might struggle on Saturday night. Not least because she’s not Swedish (although it’s in the lingo). Lots of flag waving in the clip. Reminds us of Carola’s untouchable Invincible. This is probably our favourite song of the night. C’mon Krista! The jumpsuits are reminding us of 1 of our favourite ever MF moments.

6. Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningssons: PREDICTION: bottom 2

Melodifestivalen has a history of combining groups of singers from its past with varying success but we can’t see this bunch of veterans progressing. We did love Isaksson’s Venter in the Danish selection in 2012 though but this has loo break written all over it.

7. Wiktoria: PREDICTION: 5th

This has a plum draw and is high in the betting but we’re not feeling it from the 30-second clip. It’s very country’n’Western-sounding. We preferred the very Jolene-ish Mimi Werner entry Ain’t No Good from last week. It has got a great breakdown before the fade in the latest clip though.

  • The 2m 30s clips of the entries in this heat are available to listen to here from Saturday afternoon. We were going to update our predictions in this article after hearing them but we’re not for turning. Watch Wiktoria nudge Krista out of an AC place! Happy Mello!
  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Krista Siegfrieds. Watch Melodifestivalen here.
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