PREDICTIONS: Melodifestivalen 2022 Heat 2 starring John Lundvik, LIAMOO and Browsing Collection

WHEN? 7pm UK time Saturday 12 February 2022

WHERE? Avicii Arena, Stockholm


Last week Robin Bengtsson went direkt till finalen but we predicted little else right with the 3 eliminated acts all having MF history and the newcomers doing well at their expense.

  • Read on for reasons including finalen and Andra Chansen predictions
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PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2022 Heat 2 starring John Lundvik, LIAMOO and Tone Sekelius

By Aline Mahrud

WHEN?: Saturday 12 February 2022

WHERE?: Scandinavium, Gothenburg WHERE DO I WATCH? SVT Play UPDATE: Covid means Stockholm will now be the venue for all 2022 events

Lundvik (pictured above) is the 2nd of 3 returning former winners to this year’s 60th Melodifestivalen but we wonder whether the 1st trans contestant in its history, Tone Sekelius, closing this heat (read further down this article) might steal the pre-show headlines?

  • Read on for reasons including for LIAMOO, Lisa Ajax and Browsing Collection
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PREDICTIONS: Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen 2021

WHERE?: Annexet, Stockholm

WHEN?: Saturday 6 March 2021


One of the genius ideas that makes Melodifestivalen the greatest show on earth is that the quality of the songs is so good that eight of those which narrowly missed out on the finalen deserve a second shot at four places in that final.

  • Read on for reasons including which writer of a 2021 final song is the only artist to have won Melodifestivalen after qualifying through Andra Chansen and our duel predictions
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PREDICTIONS: Heat 3 Melodifestivalen 2021 starring Charlotte Perrelli

WHEN?: Saturday 13 February 2021

WHERE?: Annexet, Stockholm

Sweden seems to be embracing the nostalgic and fun songs this year ahead of the ballads which might work in the favour of Eurovision and Melodifestivalen winner Charlotte Perrelli who returns here with a song we’re expecting to be both uptempo and reminding of her experience as well as vitality.

  • Read on for reasons including our predictions for who will go direkt til finalen and to Andra Chansen from this heat

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PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2021 Heat 3 starring Charlotte Perrelli, Klara Hammarström, Alvaro Estrella & Tusse

WHEN?: Saturday 20 February 2021

WHERE?: Annexet, Stockholm

This year’s Melodifestivalen features no less than 4 former winners however only 1 of them actually went on to triumph in the entire Eurovision Song Contest and it is Charlotte Perrelli (pictured above) who opens this heat.

  • Read on for reasons including acts Klara Hammarström and Alvaro Estrella
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