SONG OF THE MONTH: I Wrote A Song by Mae Muller (April 2023)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

We have our Eurovision Song Contest tickets for Liverpool 2023 and we can’t wait to see this potential winner, the UK’s best entry since Gina G in 1996, take to the stage.

  • Read on for reasons including how this song manages to both strike a chord and be a big old cathartic bop simultaneously

What TaP Music and the BBC have done brilliantly is find a song that sounds like Little Mix and could sit perfectly happily in the UK’s charts as well as being so immediately impactful in an almost nursery rhyme-like way that it will be remembered easily on 1st listen.

Last month when the song was released we said: ‘The last time a woman represented the UK at Eurovision was Surie in 2018. I Wrote A Song is a female empowerment anthem which is upbeat, sounds contemporary and is extremely catchy. Sample lyric: ‘Wanted to trash your Benz, tell all your friends how cruel you were to me. Instead I Wrote A Song ’bout how you did me wrong. I could’ve cried at home and spent the night alone.’ We really wanted it to be Rina Sawayama but we think Mae will do the UK proud. Little Mix with extra sass. Even a touch of Spanish guitar.’

It’s a song which provides a ridiculously catchy chorus and then goes into an additional chorus of which Lady Gaga would be proud.

Since then the song has gone on to be received reasonably in Eurovision Pre-Party season, sits top 10 with the bookmakers, is currently 7th in Eurovision international fan club voting, has already been a top 30 hit and was drawn last in the running order.

We think performing last will mean an unforgettably raucous closure to the live show but effectively kills off any chance the UK has of winning its 1st Eurovision since Katrina and the Waves and Love Shine A Light in 1997.

Despite the Pre-Party appearances question marks still remain about Mae’s ability to pull off the song live but we remain hopeful given the success of Sam Ryder last year and just how well SpaceMan was staged.

We love the sentiment of the song – about channelling negative feelings into writing a song that will make you feel better – and suspect it might strike quite a chord with the Contest audience as well as providing a big old cathartic bop at the same time.

Especially clever is the line: ‘I was ready for a sentence, baby, Instead I wrote it all down’ coming, as it does, after the car vandalism confession.

One final wish: we love the spoken word section that is in the video but not the single version of the song and hope this appears on the Liverpool stage because it should provide a real moment before the final chorus.

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