5 greatest UK Eurovision Song Contest entries ever

  1. Brotherhood Of Man Save Your Kisses For Me

At the risk of a lady disclosing her age, we were six years old when this romped home as the UK’s 3rd winner after Sandie Shaw and Lulu in 1976. We thought the ‘ … even though you’re only 3 …’ pay-off line twee even then. The British Airways-inspired outfits would later front their own entry as Scooch with Flying The Flag in Helsinki in 2007.

  • Read on for highlights and archive performances from acts including Kathy Kirby

But 1st a reminder of ‘ver ‘Man in their full, pre-Alcazar glory.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 12.33.47


2. Gina G (Ooh Aah) Just A Little Bit

This is, officially, our favourite ever Eurovision song. It’s beaten only by ‘ver Man here because they accentuated their Britishness. Ooh Aah was so ahead of its time in Eurovision terms (a bona fide worldwide hit) that it was never going to win way back when in 1996 when the juries ruled the roost. It did however finish a respectable 8th despite the phoned-in vocal. But it very much showed the way the contest would progress over the next two decades as the orchestra were familiarised with their P45s.

3. Kathy Kirby I Belong

We’re only aware of this song after delving back into Eurovision’s deep archives. But what a song – and voice. 2nd in 1965.

4. Bucks Fizz Making Your Mind Up

Back in 1981 they seemed like the hipper younger siblings of ‘ver Man. Worthy of victory solely for combining an ‘… if you wanna see some more …’ lyric with some skirt-losing choreo.

5. Katrina and The Waves Love Shine A Light

The UK hadn’t won Eurovision for 16 years when Love Shine A Light suddenly made it look so easy: an affecting song performed in heartfelt fashion. 19 years on and we’re still waiting for a repeat.

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