GIG REVIEW: Welly, Pushpin & congratulations at The Edge Of The Wedge

By Carron Stacey, A Humdrum Mum

congratulations (sic): a wall of Rage Against the Machine sound, with vocals from Siouxsie Sioux, production by Sparks and styled by (boilersuited) Warmduscher.

  • Read on for reasons including Pushpin and Welly

With harmonies abundant, this Brighton-based outfit (pictured below) harks back to goth times, but with fat riffs and funky percussion. A real treat to start the evening.

Next up, Pushpin (pictured below), a London-based band. Vocals of Beck and Mika (I don’t mean this negatively in the slightest!), sublime harmonies of Fleet Foxes, music of well – here’s where it’s hard to pigeonhole. Every song sounded different.

There’s the funky bass of Chic’s Bernard, a violin, a cowbell, the drum structure being played instead of the skin, a loop of the audience singing… well worth seeing.

Headlining were Welly, who we discovered at Victorious last year and who I managed to interview post-set! The band are somewhat depleted from their previous line up, but what they lack in PE kitted-out members, they more than make up for in stage presence.

We knew this would be fun but it was more fun that we’d imagined. Entering the stage to Madness’ Our House, their House of Fun invites us in and engaged us with nonsense chats, discussions on their now-unavailable trainers, tiny maracas, walk-rounds upsetting the drum machine, attempts to find rhyming holiday destinations which aren’t too middle class (whilst gorgeously plucking the Twin Peaks music).

The ever so slightly out of tune guitar fills the venue, accompanied by jangles (à la Edwyn Collins and Haircut 100 – I know they won’t be upset by this as they love the 80s).

Tracks like Home for the Weekend, Take 5 and Flowers set the scene for their best song, Me and Your Mates. Welly (front man) previously self-described to me as the bastard child of Sleaford Mods and Madness.

Someone likened him vocally to Mark E Smith, and lyrically I’d say too. I only have one issue with their set – I think they need to extend their juicy, jangly guitar almost-outros – they are far too short. I am ready to continue dancing for another five minutes per track at least.

A fantastic band to see live; their infectious energy takes over. And wouldn’t it be great if they moved up the stage ladder at this year’s Victorious? Let’s start a petition. Come on – they need us, us and your mates.

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