Best read monstagigz content of 2022 starring Jodie Comer’s West End debut

  1. When we saw the 1st preview of Prima Facie starring Jodie Comer

Comer’s West End debut was anticipated eagerly and this review of the Killing Eve star’s 1st preview is the best read piece of content monstagigz has published in its 7-and-a-half year history, let alone in 2022. Vote for Comer to win Best Theatre Actress in our annual monstas and for Prima Facie to win Best New Play. Review Broadway tickets

  • Read on for reasons including Fra Fee and Callum Scott Howells in Cabaret

2. monstagigz favourite Fra Fee takes over from Eddie Redmayne in Cabaret

2021’s best read content was the 1st preview review of Redmayne as the EmCee in a production of Cabaret that went on to win 7 Olivier Awards. Fee is 1 of our favourite actors and gave us a very different EmCee in April and we said: ‘Fee’s EmCee relies less on the exaggerated and almost robotic physicality of Redmayne and instead offers a warmer singing voice mixed with a desire to make sure everyone in the audience feels thoroughly welcome at least at the show’s beginning in this real-life Kit Kat Club.’ Current EmCee Callum Scott Howells also features on this list immediately below. Tickets Review

3. It’s A Sin‘s Callum Scott Howells in Cabaret

Scott Howells was shortlisted for our Best TV/Film Actor monsta in 2021 losing out to fellow cast mate Omari Douglas who played aspiring novellist Clifford Bradshaw in the 1st production of Cabaret at The Kit Kat Club at the Playhouse Theatre. Scott Howells took over from Fee (see number 2 on this list) in October and we said: ‘Scott Howells made us laugh more than his predecessors, bares more flesh including his bottom during a racier than we remember Two Ladies and has a warm Welsh tone to his singing voice despite his German accent.’ Review Tickets

4. Rafe Spall stars in a rebooted To Kill A Mockingbird

West Wing showrunner Aaron Sorkin re-imagined this literary classic for the Broadway stage and we were at a West End preview in March and wrote: ‘There was a lot of audience sobbing towards the end of this three-hour epic and while it packed a real emotional punch it never outstayed its welcome.’ The show is onto its 3rd Atticus and is still running at the Gielgud Theatre. Review Tickets

5. The return of the Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury returned for the 1st time since 2019 and we thought it our favourite of 7 visits with Pet Shop Boys’ greatest hits show being our pick of so very many highlights which we listed in our review. Tickets (if you can get them) You can vote for Worthy Farm to win a monsta for Best Venue in 2022.

6. The open air Legally Blonde revival in Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is 1 of our favourite venues and this was the best show we saw there in May in 2022. Courtney Bowman made for a different Elle and for a show helmed by Lucy Moss we said: ‘Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is an absolutely magical venue on a glorious summer’s night as the sun comes down on the day and there’s probably nowhere more fabulous for a musical to be staged in the world when the elements are on the audience’s side. An extra half star then for that – and this production of Legally Blonde is a joyful and very pink reimagining of a show that is 1 of our favourite musicals of all time.’ Review Venue tickets Vote for it to win Best Revival. We’re very excited for a revival of Musical La Cage Aux Folles here in 2023.

7. Lucie Jones starring in musical Wicked

This phenomenon at Apollo Theatre, Victoria is to become a film starring Jonathan Bailey and we ventured back to it in March after over a decade away and were stunned by the performance of Lucie Jones as Elphaba who is shortlisted for our Best Theatre Actress monsta where you can vote for her. She’s still in the show and you can book tickets for it. Review

8. Jamie Lloyd’s re-imagining of Chekhov’s The Seagull

This production opened pre-Covid but never made it to its 2020 press night and we were impressed by its rehearsal room staging and starry cast in July which included Game Of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke. Review. Vote for monsta-winner Daniel Monks as Best Supporting Actor in 2022 for his performance. Vote for it to win Best Revival.

9. Bertie Carvel plays Trump in The 47th

We saw a preview of Mike Bartlett’s new play The 47th at the Old Vic in April and the best thing about it was its chameleon-like leading man Carvel. We can still see it trabsferring to Broadway and said: ‘Despite Carvel’s incredible piece of acting, the script rarely offers us the opportunity to walk in Trump’s shoes and to understand what makes him tick. Instead, we’re presented with a polemic about why those who voted for him were wrong without ever really attempting in any depth to get under the surface about why they did – a criticism opponents of Trump often make of his aggressive rhetoric.’ Vote for Carvel to win our Best Theatre Actor monsta.

10. ABBA-tars star in ABBA Voyage

We’ve now seen this concert featuring ABBA-tars alongside a band performing the Swedish acts best loved hits and still felt that, while it’s hugely enjoyable, we wonder what its success will mean for the future of live music? Read our review. Tickets

  • Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read and get in touch in 2022. May your 2023 be all you wish for it
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