SONG OF THE MONTH: That Boy On The Stage by Suede (September 2022)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

Think How Soon Is Now guitars by The Smiths and a shuffling drumbeat like Sit Down by James topped by a high-pitched vocal that is very Brett Anderson and you’re halfway there.

  • Read on for reasons including why new Suede album Autofiction is shaping up to be 1 of 2022’s best

Lyrically That Boy On The Stage appears to mine the contradiction of someone both utterly in their own skin while performing but also not entirely sure how that will mean they will behave while treading the boards.

We saw a little of that at Sunday’s Victorious Festival in Southsea when the band began in such blistering form that Anderson either lost it in a flurry of 4-letter words because, depending on what you read, either the crowd wasn’t as responsive as he felt they deserved or because a cameraman had been filming too long.

That Boy On The Stage is the 3rd song we’ve heard from new LP Autofiction, out 16 September, following She Still Leads Me On, a song of the week for us, and last month’s song of the month 15 Again – and, despite the super strong competition, we think it’s the best we’ve heard so far.

It’s for good reason then that we have Suede as our number 1 reason to be excited for September both because of that new album but also because we see them perform tracks live from it at the intimate Surrey nightclub PRYZM the night before it is released, train strike permitting.

Some may have scoffed when we said this was the band’s best run of singles since Trash and Beautiful Ones in 1996 but we’d go even further now, saying it’s their best since the holy hat-trick of The Drowners, Metal Mickey and Animal Nitrate.

A quick word about the film that includes both the 1st 2 singles (above) – absolutely love everything about it: the same-sex relationship, the nod to the fans and the importance of gigs but also how little fragments of the songs can mean different things to different people, depending on their circumstances.

Autofiction is our most anticipated album of 2022 and it’s certainly shaping up to be 1 of the year’s best.

  • Main picture via Facebook courtesy Suede Tickets
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