SONG OF THE WEEK: Forever Young by Bananarama (Thursday 11 August 2022)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

The power of video to capture images of the past and to be an endless source of nostalgia is a lyrical theme well explored here.

  • Read on for reasons including how to see the band on their 40th anniversary tour dates this summer

It’s a thought underlined by the deployment of a tune reminiscent of a-Ha’s classic 80s hit Take On Me, surely itself the inspiration for The Weeknd’s brilliant recent Blinded By The Lights, and a hit also with an iconic video.

It’s the 2nd single proper from Bananarama’s 12th album Masquerade, an LP of the month for us in July, and whose title track was a recent song of the month for us also.

It’s a lyrical theme that might resonate with Bananarama because they enjoyed worldwide success in the 80s a decade before the Spice Girls coined girl power as a thing.

We caught the band live at Lafayette in London earlier this month and they were even joined onstage by group member Sara Dallin’s daughter Alice D who has co-written some of the tracks on the fine album.

Although Bad Love is our favourite non-single from the album we can see why Forever Young has been chosen for greater exposure because we think it’s a song with a sound that will surprise many and could propel them towards that all important album.

This 40th anniversary year of the band has already produced many more ripe fruits than even we were hoping for.

And we’ve everything crossed that perhaps as teased the band may have something more in store for us.

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