SONG OF THE MONTH: Hold Me Closer by Cornelia Jakobs (May 2022)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

We’ve now watched rehearsal clips of all 40 entries into next Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest and this is both our favourite and the song we think will win.

  • Read on for reasons including who we think will finish top 5 in 2022’s Eurovision Song Contest final

It wasn’t always that way as we said ahead of March’s Swedish Eurovision selection show Melodifestivalen: ‘Our worst prediction of this Melodifestivalen was forecasting 7th for this in Heat 1 although it’s notoriously difficult to rate a ballad on a clip. The only shot in this selection that Sweden has of winning its 1st Eurovision since 2015. The lyrics remind of Robyn (‘the right 1 at the wrong time’) and there’s an endearing rasp to Cornelia’s vocal. Could classy win Melodifestivalen?’

It’s really grown on us in the intervening period which is useful because the rehearsal performance is strikingly similar to the show given during Melfest that the Swedish public had in 2nd in a result that was overturned by the international jury.

You can read our previews of the Eurovision semi finals in the links below but we think Sweden has the much harder job of making it out of the tougher semi 2 on the Thursday.

The Big 5 countries rehearsed today as we write a week ahead of the final and we now think the UK’s Sam Ryder is Cornelia’s big competition to win the jury vote.

Ukraine is the obvious televote winner but we think it unlikely that Kalush Orchestra will come anything better than top 10 with the juries which means their victory in what would ultimately amount to a sympathy vote would be far from certain.

We think France is also a potential winner, Italy seemed a little nervous today and we think top 10 is probably more likely for them while Spain are on course to have their best result since 2001 when David Civera finished 6th at the 1st Eurovision we attended in person in Copenhagen, Denmark, with Dile que la quiero (Tell Her That I Love Her).

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy EBU Tickets
  • Read our semi 1 and semi 2 previews. Finalist predictions
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