GIG REVIEW: Warmduscher at The Boileroom, Guildford

By Carron Stacey, A Humdrum Mum

WHEN?: Tuesday 22 March 2022

Two years waiting to see them, but if we had seen them pre-lockdown, we wouldn’t have the “thing of beauty”, as Marc Riley on 6Music calls it, that is Wild Flowers (from the forthcoming album To the Hotspot due for a July release).

  • Read on for reasons including why A Humdrum Mum is going to see them again in a fortnight

I could dance to that song all night. Add in Disco Peanuts and Midnight Dipper, and I’m in dirty disco heaven.

The phrase post-punk is overused but how to describe this band? I usually like to marry bands to make a Frankenstein offspring – how about Black Sabbath and Sylvester, with just a hint of Hot Chocolate on top, and a dash of Huey Morgan on the side. I do keep saying, “That’s the best gig I’ve ever been to” and this IS one of the best gigs ever!

I can also say it’s the most enjoyable gig I’ve ever gone to. Gigs can be serious or emotional or just damn good fun. This was just that. I felt like I’d been a part of something special, given tickets are “like gold dust” (Marc Riley again).

Everyone says they were at the Pistols’ Lesser Free Trade Hall gig but only a few of us can say we were at the first date of the Live at the Hotspots tour. Fewer than three hundred packed into the (at capacity) Boileroom, with a gentle mosh pit; I clung to the front barrier drinking in the musicality of the band.

The dirty bass pedal which transforms the sound mid-song kept me transfixed. The intricate, immaculate guitar work, often mirroring the baseline. The subtle drumming, not full of fills, throwing out that pounding disco beat in between – what is it? Funk? No. Rock? No. Jazz? No. Rap? No. Blues? No.

Actually it’s all of them. Fat (not phat) synths. Lead singer with one normal mic and one voice changer, plus someone wholly responsible for noise electronics through a tiny box. Fascinating.

They are most definitely my new favourite live band. You will most definitely not be disappointed. I am most definitely seeing them again in just over two weeks. They really do go straight to the hotspot.

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  • Main picture courtesy A Humdrum Mum via Facebook. Tickets 
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