PREVIEW: Finland’s Eurovision selection show UMK starring Isaac Sene, BESS and The Rasmus

By Aline Mahrud

WHEN?: 26 February 2022


Finland performed far better than we expected in 2021 when rock group Blind Channel finished 6th and in 2022 they have a diverse 7-song final including The Rasmus who had a worldwide hit in 2003 with In The Shadows.

  • Read on for reasons including how The Rasmus song is a little cliched and how they risk having their thunder stolen

Blind Channel’s result equalled Finland’s 2nd best ever and it’s perhaps no surprise then that there is so much rock on offer in this selection.

12 points: Isaac Sene Kuuma jäbä (Hot ice) (Isaac Sene, Yrjänä)

We’ve listened to the songs a lot and this is the performance we’re most excited for as well as being the biggest potential here we think. Sene sings in has native Finnish and this manages to juggle both funk and electronica reminding of a more focussed Jamiroquai and yet having the playfulness of early Prince and the melodic chug of Goldfrapp. The English translation of the lyrics in the video ramps up the eroticism of the music to another level.

10 points: BESS Ram pam pam (BESS, Jonas Olsson, Tomi Saario)

While the chorus is quite throwaway, the verses are straightforward power pop that Katy Perry used to do so well and the whole package has the feel of the cheerleader joy that Malou Prytz opened this year’s Melodifestivalen with and the misspelt chanting of Bananas.

8 points: The Rasmus Jezebel (Lauri Ylönen, Desmond Child)

Musically this has a key change and is lighter rock than the band who brought us In The Shadows are best known for. The lyrics however feel very cliched and we’re not sure if they’re from the pen of Child but his songwriting credits include Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca and Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer and You Give Love A Bad Name amongst some very well known enormo-hits.

7 points: Olivera Thank God I’m An Atheist (Katriina Ullakko, Lenno Linjama, Alpo Nummelin)

The biggest surprise here is this quite maudlin piano ballad with a lyrical twist in its title which we’re quite enjoying. It builds to something a bit more energetic in its chorus and has a pleasant ticking clock vibe in its second verse. Quite sweetly sung.

6 points: Cyan Kicks Hurricane (Elize Ryd, Niila Perkkiö, Susanna Alexandra, Chris Walla, Zakk Cervini)

Female fronted with a prominent guitar and a quite upbeat anthemic rock song. Catchy chorus that builds into a whirlwind

5 points: Tommi Läntinen Elämä kantaa mua (Life carries me) (Leo Hakanen, Jere Marttila, Elli Haloo)

This gravel-voiced rocker is also 1 of the best-selling male vocalists in Finland and this is rousing rock which characterises much of this final.

4 points: Younghearted Sun numero (Reeta Huotarinen, Joonas Keronen, Vilma Alina Lähteenmäki)

Polite and gentle acoustic guitars strum to usher us in to something which is pleasantly sung and picks up the energy as it progresses. A melodic breakdown also towards its conclusion.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Isaac Sene Tickets
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