SONG OF THE MONTH: The Best Mistakes by The Divine Comedy (December 2021)

By Neil Durham

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

It’s quite the feat for a band that has been releasing records for 4 decades to put out a new single that sounds both quintessentially them but also with an understanding of what made supergroup ABBA’s return to the fold this year such a thrill.

  • Read on for reasons including everything we know about how to see The Divine Comedy live in 2022

As ever mainman Neil Hannon is in fine lyrical form and we’re very much enjoying the chorus of: ‘Well I have made my fair share of mistakes, I’m not an angel, but then again I’m no fake And I don’t regret a single day, They were the best mistakes I’ve ever made.’

The words seem to strike a note of upbeat defiance likely to resonate during this most challenging of times.

The video is a treat recalling some of the iconography of earlier albums and eras of this beloved group reminding that a best of is due to be released early next year (Charmed Life – The Best Of The Divine Comedy is out 4 February 2022).

We have tickets for some of the Barbican shows which keep getting rearranged because of Covid during which they will devote nights to each of their albums to play in order. Many of the nights are sold out but tickets may be available here. Shows run 31 August through 4 September 2022. Tickets

There’s also a greatest hits tour next year which will now take place ahead of the album retrospectives which is a little confusing but such are the times in which we find ourselves living. The London gig is at the Palladium in May. Tickets

The Divine Comedy won our Best Gig monsta in 2019 when we were very much enjoying the Office Politics album we felt gave them a resurgence.

The Best Mistakes maintains that upward trajectory and is a good sign that this band has plenty more entertaining to do in the future. Join them on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 on New Year’s Eve.

Head over heels in love with the line: ‘And if I had to choose between then and now – I’d choose now.’

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy The Divine Comedy Tickets
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