The local side to Victorious Festival 2021

By Carron Stacey, A Humdrum Mum

Live music. That’s what we go to festivals for. But we all love to wander around in between bands, and it’s here that you can find the local independent traders, the heart of the city. In the past, I’ve interviewed Leather Heather, Pie and Vinyl, Fisherman’s Kitchen, Tonic Music For Mental Health Choir, Beats & Swing and many more. This year was the turn of the eco-friendly clothing brand Humble and natural skincare producer Southsea Bathing Hut.

  • Read on for reasons including details of the Humble clothing brand

First up was Southsea Bathing Hut – an independent skincare, body and bathing accessory  retailer. My team are already dedicated fans of their products (their facial oil and hand soap are our favourites, and the massages are bliss) but it was lovely to chat to its founder, Samantha Worsey. SBH took inspiration from Victorian Southsea’s obsession with sea swimming (in particular taking in the benefits of sea water to cure illnesses, as well as to have fun) making soaps, using the traditional “cold process” that Samantha taught herself.  

For Samantha, Victorious Festival is a celebration of the Southsea and a great way to be part of the independent scene,  showcasing its seaside city. “Everything we do is inspired by the sea and coastal living,” she adds. This ethos marries up with my own way of living, which is probably why I love their products so much. 

Sadly stall commitments mean there’s not much time to look around the festival herself, but she was looking forward to seeing Royal Blood as it’s her running music. 

Samantha loves the differing cultural influences at the festeival in musical tastes and offerings: “There is something for everyone.” The same can be said for her products. Check them out online at or in their shop on Albert Road. You won’t be disappointed. 

Local Kalan Kosofsky from Gosport set up the Humble clothing brand in 2018 after a life-changing incident involving a car fire. Entering into business with his mum, Jane Hall, the pair started selling at local markets and today, market their wares worldwide. Kalan is passionate about the plight of bumble bees having watched David Attenborough as a child and with investment from his mother, sells eco- friendly clothing with a percentage of profits going to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. “We put free seeds in with every purchase so that everyone can watch the flowers grow, with their loved ones, their kids, their family and ‘spread love like pollen’. That’s the slogan!” Jane adds that it’s helping to make it fashionable for youngsters to plant seeds nowadays. Some customers have to ask her how plant them, but Kalan and Jane are always there to educate their clientele, especially children. Even I learn that there are 25 different types of bumblebees in the UK and already two are extinct. Kalan explains that their business is something they both love: they love bees, they love fashion and he states, “If you can do something cool and quirky as well as being eco-friendly, it goes hand in hand.” 

Mother and son share retail duties and enjoying bands at the festival; Craig David was a favourite of Jane, while Kalan loved The Streets. 

Humble love having a stand at their local festival and have enjoyed returning for a second year. Kalan plans to build his business to be full time. It’s clear that the bumblebees need him! We came away with a cute bumblebee beanie hat with, of course, free seeds to plant in our garden. We can’t wait! Check them out at

  • Pictures courtesy Carron Stacey and Victorious Tickets  
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