SONG OF THE WEEK: Miss Those Days by Mina Okabe (week beginning 30 August 2021)


There’s something melancholic yet beautiful about the end of summer and as we write this on the UK’s last bank holiday weekend before Christmas it’s a feeling brilliantly captured here by this 20-year-old Danish/Japanese singer songwriter.

  • Read on for reasons including how this single features on Mina’s debut album Better Days which is just out

A guitar is gently strummed and a drum picks out the beat as this wistful blend of reminiscences and nostalgia is ornamented by what sounds to these ears like Oriental melodies.

Mina is one of the most promising new artists from Denmark since she debuted last year and writes her dreamy guitar-based country-infused pop on her actual bed in her actual bedroom.

She has lived across the entire globe in big cities such as New York and Manila and this multi-cultural melting pot is reflected in her jazzy material sounding like something from the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack of the 90s yet sung in a sensitive and soft voice.

Miss Those Days is probably the most pop of the 10 tracks on her debut album which we currently have on repeat as we join her in regretting those things we didn’t quite manage to do this summer yet hoping that better is still to come.

  • Pictures via Facebook courtesy Mina Okabe Tickets
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