SONG OF THE WEEK: While You’re Still Young by Sophie Ellis Bextor & The Feeling (week beginning 15 August 2021)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

4-and-a-half years ago we took the train from London to Sheffield hoping that the 1st musical by The Feeling frontman Dan Gillespie Sells (Everybody’s Talking About Jamie) would be something special and we weren’t disappointed.

  • Read on for reasons including how to see the movie of the musical in September

We gave it 5*, predicting it would transfer easily into London’s West End and so it proved opening on Shaftesbury Avenue in November 2017.

Far less predictable was its transition on to the movie screen yet the film of the musical opens on Amazon Prime, after many Covid-related delays, on Friday 17 September.

Ellis Bextor is married to Richard Jones, bandmate of Gillespie Sells in The Feeling, and appeared on the original Jamie album so her appearance on the film soundtrack, out a week ahead of the film on 10 September, is not unexpected.

While You’re Still Young boasts 70s flourishes including strings and a thumping disco beat while the lyrics speak of ‘this is the perfect time, step out of the chorus line’, ‘don’t waste a moment more, time to take the floor’ and ‘you’re gonna find your tribe.’

It’s exactly the type of big-hearted sentiment and genre-spanning tune that we hope finds a prominence in the movie which features a fresh cast including Max Harwood, Sarah Lancashire and Richard E Grant.

Not all the songs appear to have made the film including one of our favourites, The Ballad of Loco Chanel, which is surely so epic it deserves a movie of its own.

Holly Johnson and Chaka Khan also appear on that soundtrack. The West End production of Jamie pauses on 26 September 2021 before returning in 2022. Tickets A Jamie UK tour starts in September 2021 and runs until April 2022 currently. Tickets Jamie also opens in Los Angeles, in the US in January 2022. Tickets

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Everybody’s Talking About Jamie Tickets
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