SONG OF THE MONTH: Please by Jessie Ware (May 2021)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

RELEASED: 28 April 2021

One of the gifts of lockdown for us has been the time it has allowed us to listen to a wider range of music and as a result we are delighted to have finally succumbed to the charms of Jessie Ware and a little embarrassed it took us 4 albums to do so.

  • Read on for reasons including how to see Ware on tour in the UK in 2021

Please is a midtempo slice of moody electro pop that wouldn’t be out of place in a set from 1 of our favourite ever acts, the glacial and euphoric Goldfrapp.

It is 1 of 8 additional songs and remixes to feature on Ware’s expanded version of her 2020 album, now renamed What’s Your Pleasure? – The Platinum Pleasure Edition, which is released on 11 June 2021.

It was the original version of this album that we started listening to over lockdown and found ourselves continually playing as we appreciated the predominantly uptempo tune charms of smooth catchy gems such as the title track and fine Remember Where You Are.

Her tour has been rescheduled because of Covid and it will be her 1st UK gigs since 2018 with 9 UK dates including 2 at the 02 Brixton Academy where we are hoping to see for the 1st time.

We’re especially here for the recurring breathy spoken word elements of the chorus (‘please’, ‘sweet’, ‘dreams’, ‘life’, ‘nice’ and the later ‘Do you want company?’) and the seductive spin it takes us for on the dance floor is especially welcome given the pandemic we’ve been living through.

We can’t wait to join Ware at the 02 Brixton Academy this year to show her our appreciation in person.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Jessie Ware Tickets
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