SONG OF THE WEEK: Still Young by Charlotte Perrelli (week beginning 2/3/2021)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

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Team monstagigz is celebrating a birthday today and so it seems fitting that our newly-crowned song of the week is by this 2021 Melodifestivalen finalist who was also crucially the last Eurovision winner of the 20th Century.

  • Read on for reasons including to watch La Perrelli’s 2021 Melodifestivalen performance

Opening in silhouette with microphone raised to the sky, the performance is an absolute joy and the song is more modern-sounding than her previous Melodifestivalen successes.

The lyric is likely to strike a chord with people of a certain age who feel that they still have a lot to offer with a chorus of: ”Cause we’re Still Young, we are invincible, And there’s no protocol, no crystal ball that knows it all, ‘Cause we’re still young, nothing’s impossible, you know there ain’t no dream, too far to reach for you and me, ’cause we’re Still Young.’

Encapsulated within its 3-minute performance are a catwalk, sideways strutting, a false ending and a still-impressive vocal from Perrelli who proves she can still a front a demanding uptempo pop song complete with Beyonce hand movements.

The prominent use of the word ‘Invincible’ in the chorus brings to mind rival Eurovision winner Carola and we wonder, especially given that 2 of the songwriters of Still Young were behind Carola’s Invincible, whether Still Young was originally intended for Carola?

The production line nature of the regular songwriters on Melodifestivalen means that can never be discounted for that is why it is the greatest show on earth but it is in no way to this performance’s detriment.

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