SONG OF THE MONTH: Øve os på hinanden by Fyr & Flamme (February 2021)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

OUT: now

Stellar electropop duos like Pet Shop Boys, Soft Cell and Erasure were all the rage in the 80s but seem far less so now although that could all change with the emergence of this Danish pair.

  • Read on for reasons including details of their Eurovision bid in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Keyboardist Laurits Emanuel and singer Jesper Groth are Fyr & Flamme (Fire and Flame in English) who compete in Denmark’s Eurovision qualifying show Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on station DR on 6 March 2021 with this song which translates as the eyebrow-raising Practice On Each Other.

We played each of the 8 entries back to back and this is the one that immediately leapt out because it hitchhikes on the bandwagon of sounding authentically 80s, which is very now, but does so with a sense of the very best in both schlager and the decade which gave us Europe sensations Modern Talking.

The chorus in particular is a riotous bop with a joyous stomping quality that we can see going down an absolute storm in Rotterdam during the world’s biggest singing competition.

Øve os på hinanden is a dizzying flurry of double handclaps, beautiful melodic ABBA-like keyboard motifs, a catchy descending guitar line, and, despite being sung in a language which we know very little of, it is still an absolute classic of a song.

The duo have already had two hits last year in their native country (watch one below) and keep an eye on in the next few days as we prepare to publish a guide to the Danish final in the same format as our Melodi Grand Prix preview for Norway which we’ve been bowled over by the response to.

We’ve no idea whether Denmark will choose this song but it very much reminds our ears of the Initial Talk remix of Dua Lipa’s monster hit New Rules (watch below) which was a huge success in casting an already fabulous song in a spectacular new light for us.

There’s very little in English about the duo on Facebook at the moment and we already want to know everything about them. We suspect we’ll not be alone in falling in love with their Eurovision entry and can’t wait to hear more from them.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Fyr & Flamme. Tickets
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