REVIEW: Eurovision Again: 1999 starring Charlotte Perrelli, Selma, Sürpriz and Doris Dragović

WHEN?: Eurovision Again: 1999 took place on 18/7/20 and Eurovision Again is at 8pm every 3rd Sunday

2020 is the first year without a Eurovision Song Contest since 1955 and lockdowns caused by Covid-19 have seen the rise in popularity of synchronised watching of past competitions on social media on the third Saturday of every month.

  • Read on for reasons including why Eurovision Again has become an 8pm Saturday fixture in the monstagigz calendar 

The absence of live events has resulted in a boom in popularity of rewatching past glories and there can be nothing quite so heartwarming as the shared joy of indulging once again in the smorgasbord of pleasures that a Eurovision Song Contest final offers.

The team at Eurovision Again have taken it to another level with scorecards to print out and the opportunity to vote in the interval and then to find out if the actual winner has retained their crown. Of the 16 rewatches so far only three have resulted in new winners – Carola from 2006, Verka Serduchka in 2007 and Shady Lady Ani Lorak in 2008.

We’re writing about the 1999 contest (link to watch full contest below) and it is notable for a number of reasons: it was the first final to be 100 per cent decided by televote, contestants could sing in any language for the first year since 1977, and for the first time an orchestra was optional and our hosts in Jerusalem exercised that choice.

One of the many things we enjoy about Eurovision Again is the shared sheer love of the contest which manifests itself in many ways including a chance to glance through the retrospectoscope back in time although our enthusiasm for perennial Icelandic runner-up Selma (see below) remains undimmed.

Tweeters are renowned for their enthusiasm in wanting former participants who are now departed countries back.

1999 is a particularly good year as it includes within its ranks the pop stomper that is Maria Magdalena by Croatia’s Doris Dragović (watch above). It’s an amazing bop topped off by a fine vocal and visually memorable costume reveal which deserved better than 4th, a fate it is to realise thanks to Eurovision Again hours later.

Charlotte Perrelli’s winner here is a little Wizzard rather than ABBA for us and we much prefer her return in 2008 with Hero which bombed on the night but finished a much more respectable 5th in the Eurovision Again that saw Shady Lady Ani Lorak pip Diva Bilan’s Believe.

We’re also living for the sharp humour that a gander at Twitter injects.

Add to that video greetings from contest-specific former contestants at the start of each rewatch and cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union which enhances old contests and enables permission to make them available on YouTube from broadcasters, and you have a sense of how much love and care is put into each Eurovision Again.

The next one is at 8pm on Saturday 15 August and follow @EurovisionAgain on Twitter to find out which show it will be for a 7.45pm reveal.

  • Pictures via Twitter courtesy Eurovision Again Details
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