SONG OF THE WEEK: Meet Again by LP Giobbi featuring Little Boots (week beginning 18/7/20)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

OUT: now

We saw Little Boots (pictured above) twice in May 2012 (once headlining at XOYO and once supporting the Scissor Sisters at 02 Shepherds Bush Empire) and since that happy fortnight we’ve not seen her perform live again.

  • Read on for reasons including Little Boots’ thoughts on her next album

It’s a shame because as she proves here with collaborator LP Giobbi she’s lost none of her knack of producing electronic dance music with a pop edge.

We also saw her twice in 2009 when she had hits with New In Town and Remedy from debut top 5 album Hands first at the Field Day festival in east London’s Victoria Park and then at a show at the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire again when she was supported by an about-to-explode Ellie Goulding.

She’s now working on a 4th album, her first since 2015, and, from £5 a month you can be part of the process via Patreon.

Little Boots says: ‘I now find myself in lockdown with at least a year’s worth of performances and live income cancelled, which has made me realise I need a way of supporting my creative output in a more sustainable way. More than ever making the next record, which will be my 4th full length studio album, is something I want to do together, all of us. You guys enable me to do this, so I want it to be more of a collaboration than ever, which is why I’ve started this Patreon channel.

‘I want to take you on the whole journey of making this record from start to finish, from the songwriting, production and lyric choices, through to production and the recording process, selecting and mixing songs, tracklisting… I want your help with all of it! We’ll also need to come up with and design the visual concepts and artwork, vinyl and other physical merchandise and work out how to perform it all live. I want to share the whole process with you as a songwriter, producer, musician and record label.

‘I also want to continue building the amazing community around the live stream gigs and video covers I’ve done from the very beginning, which have started to feel more important than ever as we connect from quarantine all over the world and come together to share our love of music and make each other smile. I plan to do more streams here including a monthly exclusive gig where we can chat more directly and have a more interactive experience, as well as making audio and video files available for you from these and other unreleased demoes, rare recordings, DJ mixes and playlists.

‘So I feel like this whole thing could be pretty special right? Maybe there are some silver linings to lockdown. I really hope you can join me. See you in the studio.’

LP Giobbi describes herself as ‘an inspirational producer, DJ, label owner, curator, music director, feminist, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed Piano House Queen’.

Together, Meet Again is an original that reminds of St Etienne with a harder, dancier edge with a lockdown lyric spreading positivity and hope that would do the recently departed Vera Lynn proud.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Little Boots Tickets
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