PREDICTIONS: Heat 2 Melodifestivalen 2020 starring Klara Hammarström

WHEN?: 7pm (UK time) 8/2/20

WHERE?: Linköping Saab Arena

Last week’s big shock was hot favourite Felix Sandman only making Andra Chansen and, if anything, this 2nd heat feels even more wide open than that one.

  • Read on for reasons including what we’re predicting for Linda Bengtzing, Anna Bergendahl and Dotter

  1. Klara Hammarström Nobody (Erik Smaaland, Palle Hammarlund, Klara Hammarström) PREDICTION: Finalen

Robin Bengtsson and The Mamas made it through to the finalen last week and there are no fewer than four female soloists with the potential to join them this week. Klara’s (pictured above) sounding very Dua Lipa to these ears and that’s always a good thing. One to watch.

2. Jan Johansen Miraklernas tid (The time of the miracles) (Thomas G:son) PREDICTION: 7th

Johansen (who won MF in 1995 and finished 3rd in Eurovision) replaces Thorsten Flinck who was disqualified because he is charged with unlawful threat and vandalism. It’s a peculiar and gruff song we can’t see having much luck although Johansen is likely to do better with it than his troubled predecessor.

3. Dotter Bulletproof (Dino Medanhodzic, Johanna Jansson, Erik Dahlqvist) PREDICTION: Andra Chansen

The stage show looks stunning and the song’s via Sia but Dotter has previously had less success as a performer than a writer in Melodifestivalen and this could once again repeat that misfortune.

  • Watch the 30-second rehearsal clips of each act

4. Méndez feat. Alvaro Estrella Vamos amigos (Let’s go friends) (Palle Hammarlund, Jimmy Jansson, Jakke Erixson, Leo Mendéz) PREDICTION: 5th

No surprise perhaps that this is sounding both very on trend and summery. It’s reggaeton which is all-conquering chart-wise but this doesn’t quite sound like it ever explodes although it could well do in its fuller incarnations.

5. Linda Bengtzing Alla mina sorger (All my sorrows) (Yvonne Dahlbom, Jesper Welander, Adam Jönsson, Linda Bengtzing) PREDICTION: 6th

Doesn’t quite appear to be the big bang schlager of old but we’ve everything crossed for the full three minutes. Bengtzing does appear to be selling it massively however in the 30 second rehearsal clip which is something to look forward to.

  • Listen to 60-second clips of each entry

6. Paul Rey Talking in My Sleep (Paul Rey, Lukas Hällgren, Alexander Standal Pavelich) PREDICTION: Andra Chansen

The favourite to win this heat in the betting is a little underwhelming for us after what we’ve seen and heard so far. There’s clearly potential here though.

7. Anna Bergendahl Kingdom Come (Bobby Ljunggren, Thomas G:son, Erik Bernholm, Anna Bergendahl) PREDICTION: Finalen

Last year’s return was an underrated thrill and this promises much more, much like Robin Bengtsson last week. It’s country tinged but with a full-on pop beat at its heart.

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