ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Singles Party by Shakespears Sister (July 2019)


OUT: now

TRACKLIST: Break My Heart; Heroine; You’re History; Run Silent; Dirty Mind; Stay; I Don’t Care; Goodbye Cruel World; Hello; My 16th Apology; I Can Drive; Bitter Pill; Pulsatron; Bad Blood; It’s A Trip; All The Queen’s Horses; C U Next Tuesday; Stay (Acoustic)

In their heyday Shakespears Sister supported Prince and headlined Glastonbury but their 15 minutes of fame was over far too early.

  • Read on for reasons including where to hear new songs All The Queen’s Horses and C U Next Tuesday

But now they’re back and there are 2 new songs here both with a spaghetti Western vibe including All The Queen’s Horses, shortlisted as our Best Song of 2019 so far, and C U Next Tuesday (listen below) which is a better tune than even its cutting edge title.

Most exciting perhaps is the chance to see the duo perform live for the 1st time this century during a 14-date UK tour, titled Shakespears Sister Ride Again, during October and November including a gig where we will join them at London Palladium. Tickets

Singles Party features the singles from hit albums Sacred Heart and Hormonally Yours including 8-week chart topper Stay which boasted Marcella Detroit’s trademark shrieking soprano and falsetto. Our favourites are breakthrough hit You’re History, which showcases how the duo can work best together, the Prince-ish remix of Dirty Mind, pop bop of I Don’t Care and haunting Hello (Turn Your Radio On).

Things didn’t go quite so well for Siobhan as her music took a Goldfrapp turn when Detroit left but the new songs prove both just how much we’ve missed them and that their new material promises to hit further heights.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Shakespears Sister. Tickets
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