THEATRE REVIEW: Drip starring Andrew Finnigan at the Bush Theatre


WHERE? Bush Theatre (Studio) RUN TIME: 1 hour (no interval)

WHEN?: 4/12 runs to 22/12/18

If you’re looking for the ’10s answer to 1993’s groundbreaking play Beautiful Thing by Jonathan Harvey with songs – then look no further.

  • Read on for reasons including why this charming 1-man show is all about daring to win

Substitute peppermint foot lotion for a combination of Calippos and swimming lessons and you’re almost there. Obvs.

Andrew Finnigan is adorable as out 15-year-old hero Liam who is from South Shields but has moved to Hull because his mam is dating ‘Barry from Hull’.

The action revolves around his Project Prize with classmate and out lesbian BFF Caz to form the 1st synchronised swimming duo at Bev Road Baths, even though Liam can’t swim.

Writers Tom Wells (words) and Matthew Robins (music) have given us a hero who makes a motto of early line: ‘We don’t mind losing. Just thought we’d have a go.’

Liam is a charming narrator and, though he’s modest about both his singing and strumming, the acoustic efforts with titles like It’ll Probably Be Fine, You’re Not a Lifeguard (But You Will Be Soon) and I’ve Ruined Absolutely Everything would be utterly captivating even if they weren’t delivered with the warmth and charisma they are here.

It doesn’t give anything away to say it ends with Liam in his peach swimming shorts, strumming his guitar in an explosion of ticker tape, bunting, garlands and inflatables to the chorus of its catchiest song: ‘You just have to Dive Right In (Again).’

Boundless Theatre’s co-production with the Bush Theatre isn’t Christmassy at all apart from the optimism, kindness and good humour that runs through it like a stick of rock. But its heart is so in the right place that now is the perfect time to see it.

We’re knocking off a * ( we think Liam would be more than happy with the 4 we’re giving it) because an hour wasn’t nearly long enough and we demand a sequel where next time we get to hang out with Liam’s mates and hear many more of his songs. This Drip deserves overflowing praise.

  • Picture by Joss Moore via Facebook courtesy Bush Theatre. Tickets
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