GIG REVIEW: Victorious Festival: Friday starring The Libertines, Shed Seven & The Lightning Seeds

BY: Carron Stacey

WHERE?: Southsea Common

WHEN?: 24/8/18

Life is all about which choices you make. Wellies or flip flops? Shorts or jeans? Kaiser Chiefs on the main stage or Prince Brandon DJing in Beats n Swing? Whether to tune up your guitar over the DJ playing Martin Luther King’s speech behind you? Whether to give Pete Doherty another chance after last year, or not?

  • Read on for reasons including whether Carron chose Kaiser Chiefs or The Libertines

I chose to wear trainers and shorts! I was propositioned for my North Face jacket – what for, I hear you ask? Two portions of dirty fries!

Coming Together – Arriving before the queues, we would have loved to have sat in the sun on the grass listening to Come Together play the whole of Abbey Road. They sounded really good but I’m afraid the lure of the bar and the shelter under Beats n Swing took us away; I hope we get chance to see you again though.

Lucky Us – Only the main stage field was open, but we wouldn’t have been able to wander round too much in the rain. A few G&Ts later (slumming it with Beefeater – actually really nice!), we waited for The Lightning Seeds. The rain almost turned into hail during their set, but we British don’t care. Hoods up, hands up! Yes, I did remember more songs than I realised when they played them. Lots of social media posts show they were really enjoyed, but the shouts for Three Lions were ignored!

Getting Better all the time – Ready for Shed Seven? I eschewed a place at the front for one next to the middle gap; being short, this affords me an actual view! Chris Moyles (Radio X) introduced the Sheds and tried to con us that Rick had vocal problems and that instead Chris would be singing tonight. Rick soon hoiked him off and started straight into the first song, Room in My House, from their new album, Instant Pleasures.

Nearly a veteran, they never fail to amaze me live. There is a lot of love for the Sheds, not only due to their fantastic live performances, but also Rick’s interaction with the crowd. He’s just such a great bloke. Sadly this year, the sound didn’t do them any favours and I think there were too many Kaiser Chief fans in situ, chatting while waiting for their set. Never mind, I’m seeing the Sheds again in November!

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, Ricky – We did choose the loo and food over Kaiser Chiefs. Prince Brandon made us dance to keep warm and dry our clothes off in the tent. A band were setting up and that’s when we went off to meet our friends from seeing the Kaiser Chiefs. We did catch most of their hits walking across the field. They were good live and a tiny bit of me wished I’d gone. But, damn, I needed food! One of my party pointed out that they looked like the headline act – I wondered if that was because Victorious weren’t sure if Mr Doherty was actually performing!

Can I Stand Him Now? Half my lot went home and I stayed with my Libertines-fan friend to watch them. I haven’t forgiven Pete for his shambolic performance last year at this event. I was taking one for the team, staying with my mate.

Well firstly, he appeared. He played. He could stand. Carl Barat couldn’t speak that well but they could all perform. I was only waiting for two songs I knew. I remembered a third. I clapped after five songs. When I got home, I ran into the house singing Can’t Stand Me Now, ironically saying they were my new favourite band. I owe The Libertines an apology. They are not just Pete. Carl holds that band together and their on stage chemistry is lovely to watch – almost reminiscent of Rossi and Parfitt! The crowd were unfortunately chatting far too much around us, going from madly shouting all the lyrics to a song, to chatting through the next one. I’m trying to pitch how important they were to their audience at the time – lyrically I can compare them to The Smiths I think.

But maybe musically they match something like The Eurythmics – everyone likes them, you can sing most of the songs, but you don’t spend your life analysing every chord and key change. I don’t know. It’s all better than the grime crap my son listens to. I left not a fan, but an interested bystander. Well done Carl!

Here’s to Day Two and the sun is (currently) out.

  • Read more from Carron at her blog A Humdrum Mum. Picture by Tom Langford courtesy Victorious Festival. Tickets
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