AWARDS: MONSTAS: Our best film of 2018 so far

We awarded 13 monstas for the best pop, theatre, TV and film of 2017 in December – and here we look at the cream of 2018 so far and what’s to come. Amy, The Pass and God’s Own Country are previous winners in this category.

  • Read on for our top 6 best films of 2018 so far and our hopes for the next half year

Edie Q&A

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 23.44.03

We said: ‘What we liked best about the film is the fearlessness with which our heroine tackles the gigantic challenges she chooses for herself: a real unexpected joy.’

The Happy Prince Review

We said: ‘It’s the part Everett was born to play and the pleasant surprise is that both his writing and directing here means he deserves another crack at both on the big screen.’

Love Simon Review

We said: ‘This reminds of 80s teen movies like The Breakfast Club in that it wears its gigantic heart boldly on its sleeve.’

McKellen: Playing The Part Q&A

We said: ‘The feeling from the film is of a man born to be an actor, a curious mix of both withdrawing into himself and showing off, but who also wanted to help others and to try to make things better for everyone.’

Nothing Like A Dame Review

We said: ‘We love a good theatrical anecdote and this joyful film is absolutely jam-packed with them. Atkins returns to the West End this autumn. Tickets

Three Billboards Review

We said: ‘Utterly deserving of the awards it has so far won and the many more it is about to.’

On our radar for the next 6 months are A Star Is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody and Mary Poppins Returns.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Love Simon
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