THEATRE REVIEW: The Grönholm Method starring Laura Pitt-Pulford and John Gordon Sinclair


WHERE: Menier Chocolate Factory

WHEN: 14/5/18, press night 22/5, runs to 7/7/18

Four job applicants arrive for an interview for a top management position in a big company and find the selection procedure will be an unconventional series of mind games.

  • Read on for reasons including where you might recognise Gordon Sinclair from

The play is set in one room on the 11th floor of the company’s offices and in the first test it is revealed that one of the applicants is a mole from HR and the applicants have to decide which of them it is.

The picture (above) refers to another game where each applicant must choose a hat and argue the case for why their character (a wrestler, clown, bishop and politician) should be the one to use the only parachute to save themselves from a crashing plane.

The Grönholm Method was written by Jordi Galceran and opened in Barcelona in 2003. There have been productions in more than 60 countries and it has been translated into more than 20 languages.

The play is about the ridiculousness of the use of psychological tests in recruitment and is very funny: it passed the six-laugh test very quickly and its form will be familiar to anyone who has submitted themselves to a job interview that takes an unfamiliar turn.

It’s well performed and we last saw Pitt-Pulford at this very venue late last year in Barnum, Gordon Sinclair is perhaps best known from 80’s film Gregory’s Girl while McHugh was very funny in Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat.

It’s 90 minutes without interval, we knew very little about it before we arrived but it struck a chord and was very funny.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy MenierTickets
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