THEATRE REVIEW: Sara Pascoe in LadsLadsLads


WHERE: Wyndhams Theatre

WHEN: 15/1, runs to 20/1/18

Treading the boards at a West End theatre is not where we would expect to find one of our favourite stand-ups.

  • Read on for reasons including how this is not the first theatre gig Pascoe has done

However, she is here at the Wyndhams Theatre to perform the first of six nights for a near sold-out run of the show about her break-up with fellow comedian John Robins – and we’re sat in the front row.

In fact, we’re sat so close to the front of the stage we think we can see words scrawled in Biro on Pascoe’s hands but, infuriatingly, can’t quite read what they say.

There’s no faulting the flow of the comedy however which is approximately 90 minutes long plus a 20-minute interval.

Pascoe is not a great theatre lover and, despite five years of rejections from drama schools, explains that she loathes all art, especially watching plays: ‘They don’t even let you turn your ‘phone on, so you can see how long it’s been going on for.’

What intrigues us most about LadsLadsLads, premiered we think at last year’s Edinburgh Festival, is that we saw some of the early material from it at an Old Vic fundraiser at about this time last year.

Its theme is that after so many years being part of a couple Pascoe wants to try to enjoy living life on her own and so tests herself in various ways including seeing what would happen when she bought the most expensive vibrator possible (we guarantee this anecdote doesn’t end how you would expect) and what a solo trip to Paris on Valentine’s Day would bring.

Our favourite joke was probably the one about how sad it was now when especially old people die: ‘Because they’ll never get to see the Brexit they voted for.’ Or Pascoe’s reaction to the observation that her set was ‘too tampon-ny’.

After the show Pascoe’s taking pictures with her growing army of fans and signing copies of her recent book Animal.

The Wyndhams is currently between shows – Heisenberg and Long Day’s Journey Into Night – and we wish more venues would do as it has done here, utilising the space for a different type of audience when the theatre would otherwise be dark.

Pascoe’s so much fun, especially on Blue Monday when we see her, that we expect she’ll be playing much larger venues when next she has a new set to tour.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Sara Pascoe. Tickets
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