MONSTAS SHORTLIST: TV and film actor: 2017

It’s almost Christmas and what would the festive season be without some recognition of the best of 2017? Over the next fortnight we’ll shortlist five nominees in each of 13 categories for our Oscars, or monstas if you will, of 2017.

  • Read on for nominees for the monsta for TV and film of the year. 2016 winner: Jonas Nay (Deutschland ’83)

  1. Casey Affleck (Manchester By The Sea)

2. Sean Bean (Broken, BBC1)

3. Sacha Dhawan (The Boy With the Topknot, BBC2)

4. Dev Patel (Lion)

5. Tim Pigott-Smith (King Charles III, BBC2)

  • Who should win? Tell us in the comments below. Want to know why we like this shortlist? Click on the tags to read our reviews. Winner revealed 30/12/17.
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  1. Michael Ford · 29 Days Ago

    Sacha Dhawan – beautiful performance – he’s sublime in this.


  2. Angela Powell · 28 Days Ago

    Sacha Dhawan – great emotive performance.


  3. Joel Goldes · 27 Days Ago

    Agree that Sacha Dhawan should win it!


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