REVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2017: Heat 2: afterparty

Välkomna to our review of Melodifestivalen heat 2 and our own exclusive Mello afterparty curated especially for you, dear reader.

What did you think of tonight’s second show?

  • Read on for our thoughts on tonight’s Malmö show, the results and a preview of next week’s heat

SPOILER ALERT: Congratulations to Mariette and Benjamin Ingrosso who made the final. Dismissed and Lisa Ajax go andra chansen.

To the Vida Arena in Växjö next week and boyband FO&O (pictured above) who in true ABBA tradition are named after their initials. They lost a member and changed their name recently from The Fooo to The Fooo Conspiracy before the more recent FO&O.

We’re big fans of their song Buzzkill (see below) which sounds very much like the sort of thing One ‘Boom-bang-a-bang-a-boom-bang-a-bang-a’ Direction made before their demise. They dance brilliantly and don’t seem to trouble themselves too much with live singing which means they should do well with Gotta Thing About You in a contest that’s already embraced Ace ‘Wild Child’ Wilder. Our favourite FO&O? Omar.

They’ve roped in the big guns to write their entry including the author of Bryan Adams’ (Everything I Do) I Do It For You who used to be married to the divine:

Elsewhere in heat 3 is Anton Hagman (below performing a cover of one of our favourite post-One Direction songs) with an entry penned by a lead singer with Eurovision history.

We were in Dusseldorf to see Tim Schou, co-author of Anton’s song Kiss You Goodbye, and his A Friend In London chums sing New Tomorrow (see below) and finish 5th in 2011 for Denmark.

Returning this week are Robin Bengtsson (5th last year with Constellation Prize) and the marvellous Krista Siegfrids who competed in Melodifestivalen last year with Faller and in Eurovision 2013 for Finland with the joyous Marry Me.

  • Screen grab via YouTube courtesy Fooo Conspiracy. We’ll be passing judgement on the 1m audio clips from heat 3 around 1.30pm Thursday UK time (SVT willing). Check us out on
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