PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2017: Heat 2

WHEN?: 7pm (UK time) 11/2 on SVT (link at the bottom of the page below)

WHERE: Malmö, Malmö Arena

Friday night’s Melodifestivalen audience poll put Mariette and Benjamin Ingrosso in the final with Lisa Ajax and Dismissed in Andra Chansen.

  • Read on for reasons including our Saturday night predictions for each of the songs

We’ll be updating our predictions after the 2m 30s clips of each entry are released at 1pm UK time Saturday. Join us here to see how they’ll change.

  1. Mariette A Million Years PREDICTION: final

The favourite in the betting to make the final and this is just a bit meh from the 1m clip. Building, certainly. Our hopes are high. Classy and anthemic are the adjectives that spring to mind on our 2m 30s listen.

2. Roger Pontare Himmel Och Hav PREDICTION: 7th

We’re loving the early, appreciative nod to Mr Pontare’s glorious Melodifestivalen-winning past. This is tribal, ethnic, more than deserves its place but, we suspect, won’t progress much further. Not a patch on his 2000 winner.

3. Etzia Up PREDICTION: 5th (up from 6th initially)

Too early for a party song. And if Sweden didn’t vote for Her Kiss by Boris Rene in semi 1, we suspect it won’t for this. It works well after Big Roger in its lengthier format but we still think it’ll struggle. Not party enough to raise the roof.

4. Allyawan Vart Haru Varit PREDICTION: 6th (down from 5th)

Anyone for Swedish hip hop? This could surprise everyone but we suspect it won’t as the songs in Swedish performed poorly last week. We like a bit of hip hop of all nationalities but this is a little too laid-back for us.

5. Dismissed Hearts Align PREDICTION: andra chansen (down from our original final tip)


We’ve been plugging this all week (see above), we love the look of them and we’re absolutely delighted by the clip. And bless for the retweet action. Rock – rules. We’re the Worrying Kind no more. In its longer form, we’re very much enjoying the stop/start bit before the title in the chorus. Suspect it won’t do quite as well as we’re hoping but it’s got our vote.

6. Lisa Ajax I Don’t Give A PREDICTION: andra chansen

Catchier, swearier nonsense than we were expecting. We’re guessing people will think this is too cool to win. In its 2m 30s incarnation it’s all just a little too knowing and pleased with itself for us. Probably making the final eventually however.

7. Benjamin Ingrosso Good Lovin’ PREDICTION: final (up from an original andra chansen tip)

Inaccessible to Brits via YT because his record company rates him and thinks he’ll do better without traction. Blind. Watch it on SVT’s site here. Sailing through to the final but not winning because whimpering piano whiners never do. Awful. Dated. Embarassing. Worth hiding forever behind a paywall. Weren’t we mean about him Thursday? We think he’ll go straight to the final on the basis of this clip but we’re still not fans of the genre.

  • Pictures via Facebook courtesy SVT Melodifestivalen. Clips via YouTube courtesy SVT. Melodifestivalen tickets
  • The 2m 30s clips of these songs are available here from 1pm UK time Saturday. We’ll be refreshing our predictions ahead of the 7pm heat on and join us for our 8.30pm (UK time) afterparty when we preview next week’s heat.
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