SINGLE REVIEW: Anymore by Goldfrapp


OUT: 27/1

Long-standing fans of this band have been aware for a while about how easily their more folk musings sit alongside the electro anthems that have propelled them to their most popular periods.

  • Read on for reasons including what to expect from next album Silver Eye


New single Anymore (see above) is a distinct move away from the brooding melancholy of last album Tales Of Us whose mini-films sat most comfortably in the cinemas it was launched in.

We’ve seen Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory live many times over the years, often outside at festival gigs including a long-forgotten one in London around the time of their imperial phase Supernature album at which we were invited backstage.

Seven proper albums into their career and this lead-off single certainly gives the sense that there’s an album of Kate Bush-fronts-T-Rex bangers about to be unleashed in the same vein as their biggest hits Strict Machine, Ooh La La, Train, Ride A White Horse and Number 1.

But a recent Popjustice interview with Alison hints that Silver Eye (out 31/3) may merge the best of the introverted and extroverted side of the band as their live shows have done for many years.

We’ll get a chance to find out at a series of small scale gigs peaking at Camden Roundhouse in the week running up to the album’s release which we’ll be reporting from. Tickets are all sold out. Any returns here

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Goldfrapp. Goldfrapp tour tickets here
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