OPINION: Why I’d rather see a tribute band

By Carron Stacey
Last weekend, I saw The Smyths, a tribute, no less, to our dearest Morrissey and his band of morosity merchants.
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In a few weeks, at Shiiine Weekend, I’ll be treated to The Clone Roses, Oasis UK, The Smyths (again), The Cure Heads and True Order.
It got me thinking, I think I’d actually rather see a tribute band sometimes and here’s why. 
(1) Price – The Cure’s latest tour is between £40 and £198 for tickets. Whilst I do love The Cure, I’m not sure I’m want to pay what would ultimately be upwards of £100 to be just about able to make out Robert’s wiry hair and red lippie. Which brings me onto… 
(2) Venue – ACDC (or AxlDC as I like to call them) were fabulous in June this year. But we were seated (we took the kids) and although Angus looks great on the screen, he does look like a Krankie from the back of the London Stadium. I want to be close, like seeing Hayseed Dixie at Victorious last year. Awesome. Or The Wedgewood Rooms for The Smyths.
(3) Voice – My finger was hovering over the BUY link for The Cure when I decided to click on the video of them at Bestival. I’m not sure I actually want to see Robert sing, I just want to hear the songs as they were! The youngsters in the tribute bands can sing! They don’t need backing singers to help them hit the higher notes, or to change the song around so they don’t need to hit them.
(4) Accuracy – When you hear a band perform a song, what you really want is a true copy of the album version! When the lead singer does that awful thing live singers do of singing it slightly off-beat or with a few woos or whoops, it puts you off. I paid to listen to you, so I want a faithful version please. Tributes give you that.
(5) Alcohol – Getting drunk at a gig renders it unmemorable. I missed Beat Me (one of my faves) the second time I turned up at Adam Ant’s gig because I was in the pub. But when you pay a tenner for a tribute band, it’s ok. You can drink as much as you like! 
(6) Opportunity – Death or break-ups. If the singer is alive no longer, or the band has split up, you are not going to be able to see them again. Johnny Marr did an awesome set at Victorious last year, including a few Smiths tracks, and Morrissey includes them too at his gigs; but each misses the other. (How did The Clone Roses react when their idols reformed?)
So when you see a poster advertising The PCSOs, just remember … their version of Message In A Bottle might just have you and your mates serenading each other in all your drunken glory.
Picture via Facebook courtesy the Clone Roses
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