ALBUM REVIEW: Take Her Up To Monto by Róisín Murphy


OUT: 8/7

TRACKLIST: Mastermind; Pretty Gardens; Thoughts Wasted; Lip Service; Ten Miles High; Whatever; Romantic Comedy; Nervous Sleep; Sitting and Counting.

Fans of Moloko’s breakthrough 1999 hit Sing It Back would do well to approach Murphy’s fifth solo album with caution.

  • Read on for details of Murphy’s recent Glastonbury show

We caught Murphy’s Friday night Glastonbury West Holts Stage set when her efforts appeared most focused on successfully raiding her own box of outlandish headwear (see picture above).

Take Her Up To Monto appears just a year after the acclaimed Hairless Toys set and feels much more experimental and far less realised as a result.

Best moment is when opener Mastermind finds its feet on the dancefloor three quarters of the way through, switches up a gear into falsetto and hurtles towards Scissor Sisters-inspired disco mirrorball oblivion.

Elsewhere it feels as quirky and muddled as that hatbox and that Glastonbury set. One for the die-hards only.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Roisin Murphy. Tour details here.
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