WORTH A LOOK?: *****

WHERE: Menier Chocolate Factory

WHEN?: 2/7, press night 12/7 runs to 17/9

As this Fiasco Theater production of the Sondheim classic is about to begin, co-director/Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince Noah Brody tells us his wife Jessie Austrian (moving and funny as the Baker’s Wife) is pregnant.

  • Read on for other highlights from this five-star production 

It’s a humanising moment at odds with the actual story of a Baker and his wife who can’t get pregnant but make a deal with a Witch (the fantastic Vanessa Reseland) to make it happen.

The story reimagines Cinderella, Jack and The Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel as we learn actions have consequences, no one is alone and communities can work together.

Fiasco Theatre’s award-winning production transfers from its Off Broadway run and sees the 11-strong cast play multiple characters and instruments on stage as the action unfolds.

Andy Grotelueschen makes so much of a minor role as cow Milky White that it’s laugh-a-minute whenever she’s on stage. Special mentions also to Emily Young’s comic and terrifically annoying hair-obsessed Rapunzel and Claire Karpen’s sweet natured yet steely Cinders.

This pared-down treatment of a familiar work means the emphasis is on the intimate score and the audience using its imagination. Luckily with a cast so good and in such voice this is an absolute five-star pleasure.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Menier. Tickets here.
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