PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen

WHEN?: 7pm Saturday 5 March on SVT (link to watch below)

It’s been one of our favourite Melodifestivalens ever and we’re very excited about the upcoming four duels that will see our eight-strong final become a dozen.

  • Read on for our Andra Chansen predictions and the heat performances

We’ve had four boy/girl winners each of the last four Saturdays, so now for something completely different.

DUEL 1: (NB: we’re listing them in our favourite duel order not the night’s schedule):


VERDICT?: Two songs we’d have loved to see in the final. Our favourite is Dolly Style and they were so unlucky to have gone out in Andra Chansen last year but we think the public will go for the topless duo Samir & Viktor.



VERDICT?: As catchy as SaRaHa’s electro Lion King tribute is, we can’t see it outdoing this gorgeous ballad by Isa which is our dark horse to pull a surprise and beat its competition Oscar Zia and Molly Sandén come 12/3. Very Unchained Melody in the verses.



VERDICT?: Panetoz were so good last weekend we thought big favourite Molly Sandén might be darkening Andra Chansen’s door. We loved Molly Pettersson Hammar’s entry last year but fear this isn’t quite as good.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 00.27.53



VERDICT: The toughest 1 to call. Not least because these are two of our least favourite songs in this AC. We’re going for rapping duo Albin & Mattias.

  • Watch Melodifestivalen here. There’s no afterparty after Saturday’s show. Join us on this site on 10/3 for our final predictions and for clips of all the songs.
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