REVIEW: Melodifestivalen heat 4: afterparty

Välkomna to our review of Melodifestivalen heat 4 and our own exclusive Mello afterparty curated especially for you, dear reader. Were you Molly Style or Dolly Style? Did your favourites get through? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Read on for our thoughts on Saturday night’s Gävle show, the results and some best of Melodifestivalen clips

SPOILER ALERT: Congratulations to Molly Sandén and Frans for making it to the 12/3 Mello final in Stockholm. Well done also to Panetoz and Dolly Style for making it to next week’s Andra Chansen in Halmstad.

Next week’s Andra Chansen is hosted by Ola Salo and Peter Jöback. We cheered Ola’s band The Ark on in the 2007 Mello and Eurovision finals in Stockholm and Helsinki respectively. Very Bowie: ‘If you see me somewhere with that glassy old stare …’:

Peter Jöback had the Molly Sandén slot (last in heat 4) in 2010 but could only finish 9th. Auntie SVT knows the score though and we needn’t remind you of Sweden’s Eurovision final no-show in Oslo that year:

Andra Chansen means second chance in Swedish and we thought we’d pick three of our favourite songs in reserve order which made the final this way for tonight’s afterparty. It doesn’t always spell defeat. The extra show, attention and airplay can be just the springboard to unexpected heights an underdog needs. Robin Stjernberg won the whole thing from AC in 2013. But he doesn’t make our top 3. This 2014 winner eventually made 7th in 2007:

We rummaged deep and long in the MF vaults for the night before The Clamp discovered ABBA wardrobe inspiration and eventually made runner-up in 2004. Not sure about the boots, love:

But here’s our favourite Andra Chansen song. No self-respecting MF retrospective would be complete without mention of ver ‘Zar. We’re glossing over Alcastar (‘what do you mean we need new white costumes, we’ve blown the budget on that giant glitterball thing-ummy’) which never should’ve darkened AC’s doors in 2005 (the year they were in their imperial phase and turned down the Beeb’s Eurovision offer). They romped to 3rd in 2003 with one of Melodifestivalen’s greatest ever performances. This isn’t that performance. This is its predecessor. The 1 where any attempt at choreography is thrown to the wind and instead we could be watching 4 strangers, who’ve just met, shuffling about on the Tube (in matching red outfits with iconic Charlie’s Angels lighting, a gorgeous opening piano moment and accompanying signature halo dance moves thrown in):

What did you think of tonight’s show? Did Linda Bengtzing deserve better? Is Frans winning? Is Molly overrated? Let us know in the comments below. Look out for our preview of Saturday’s Andra Chansen on this site on Thursday night. Happy Melodifestivalen!

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Melodifestivalen. Watch Melodifestivalen here.
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