REVIEW: Melodifestivalen heat 3: afterparty

Välkomna to our review of Melodifestivalen heat 3 and our own exclusive Mello afterparty curated especially for you, dear reader. Crossdressing and coming out optional. Did your favourites get through? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Read on for our thoughts on Saturday night’s Norrköping show, the results and some best of Melodifestivalen clips

SPOILER ALERT: Congratulations to Oscar Zia (below) and Lisa Ajax for making it to the 12/3 Mello final in Stockholm. We’re starting to think Oscar might pip Molly to the win.


Well done also to Boris Rene and SaRaHa for making it to the 5/3 Andra Chansen in Halmstad.

Quite possibly too old school to enjoy any success these days. Our 2016 MF favourite so far:


Next week’s Mello heat 4 is from Gävle and features the strongest line up of performers in this year’s MF  as well as one of our most beloved Mello stars as its co-host. We’ve not been able to look at a cherry picker since 2009 without thinking of this performance:

Whether our favourite EBU spokesperson – crash, boom, bang – will also be appearing is unclear:

Having her sixth crack at representing Sweden in Eurovision next week is another of our favourite Lindas. And here’s the best of her attempts so far which also features three different costumes in three minutes. Rummage through our archive to hear the 30-second clip of her next entry Killer Girl. La Bengtzing’s back to her schlager best.

Also returning are Molly, Holly and Polly who didn’t make last year’s final but provided MF with one of its most unforgettable performances:

We’ve also heard the clips ahead of heat 4 and our top tip last featured in 2014:

Molly, rather than Dolly, style is the big favourite with her third stab at MF glory. Here’s our pick of her previous efforts:

What did you think of tonight’s show? Was the After Dark result a bit of a drag? Is Oscar Zia winning the whole thing? Should he have sung Come Out Like A Star? Let us know in the comments below. Look out for our updated preview of heat 4 on this site from 1pm Saturday 27 February. Happy Melodifestivalen!

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Melodifestivalen. Watch Melodifestivalen here.
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