PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen heat 1

WHEN?: 7pm UK time 6/2 on SVT1 (link at bottom of preview)

Commiserations to Melodifestivalen royalty Anna Book (ABC, Samba Sambero) whose song (clip below) has already been disqualified because it was entered into the 2014 Moldovan selection.

The song will feature on Saturday night but is out of competition. Traditionally Melodifestivalen’s first heat showcases the range of styles on offer and it’s perhaps ironic that this old-school schlager number (neither as good as 2007’s Samba Sambero nor 1986 classic ABC) finds itself ruled out because of its lack of originality. We think it would’ve struggled to make 5/3’s Andra Chansen round anyway.

Samir and Viktor open the show with Fredrik (Hero, La voix, Popular and Undo) Kempe’s only entry. It’s too laddish with its football-style chants but we can’t see the televoters being put off by the topless conclusion. Loving the 80s bippety-bop keyboard break in the 2m 30s clip. VERDICT: final.

Song 2 is Mitt guld by Pernilla Anderson. Do you yearn for the dum-dum-diddle (copyright Terry Wogan) of Eurovision’s yesteryear? Look no further. VERDICT: bottom 2.

Next up is Mimi Werner and Ain’t No Good. Yee-haw! Melodifestivalen goes country with not entirely unpleasant results. Jill Johnson could’ve sung it. VERDICT: bottom 2.

Albin & Matthias sing Rik and it’s uptempo, rap and dance for this one-time EMD member and chum. VERDICT: Andra Chansen.

And then we have tonight’s dark horse Constellation Prize by Robin Bengtsson. This is the one that could surprise tonight’s big favourites Ace & S&V. We’re suckers for that harmonica hook. VERDICT: Andra Chansen.

Last up is 2014 runner-up Ace Wilder who hasn’t strayed too far from the template of Busy Doin’ Nothin’ with a song she co-penned with the writers of last year’s Eurovision winner Heroes. It’s slightly less catchy than Busy but could be a grower. VERDICT: Final


  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Samir and Viktor. Listen to the 2m 30s clips here. Where to watch Melodifestivalen. We’re not in Gothenburg tonight (boo!) but join us on this site for our afterparty on the show’s conclusion. Hurrah!
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