THEATRE REVIEW: A Christmas Carol


WHERE: Noel Coward Theatre

WHEN: 11/1, runs to 30/1

So why should you venture out to the theatre in January to see this when Christmas may feel packed away with your decorations in a cupboard?

We’ve chosen a picture of Oscar-winning Scrooge Jim Broadbent to illustrate this review but for us it was Samantha Spiro (who we last saw in The Taming of the Shrew at the Globe in 2012) who steals this particular show in a multiplicity of roles.

We especially loved her Dame Barbara Windsor impersonation as the Spirit of Christmas Present.

This production is augmented by puppets and a revolving stage which resembles a pop-up book which pulls off the unenviable trick of looking very cheap despite likely being very expensive.

Fans of BBC1’s Dickensian may appreciate this more familiar retelling of the money-obsessed Scrooge being visited by ghosts on Christmas Eve and the change it awakens in him.

Broadbent is a genial Scrooge, Adeel Akhtar an enjoyable comic sidekick as Cratchit and the production has the feel of an am-dram panto, with the fourth wall broken broken at one point, yet with West End values.

Lots more fun than you might imagine, even at a time of year when Christmas may feel well and truly over.

  • Picture courtesy Noel Coward Theatre. Tickets are available here. Cheapest deals we could find were with the Society of London Theatre and its Get Into London Theatre January promotion.
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