AWARDS SHORTLIST: TV & film of the year

It’s almost Christmas and what would the festive season be without some recognition of the best of 2015? Over the next fortnight we’ll shortlist five nominees in each of 11 categories for our Oscars, or monstas if you will, of 2015. Read on for the nominees for our four TV & film monstas of the year.

And the nominees for best TV of 2015 are:

  1. Boy Meets Girl (BBC2)

2. The Bridge (BBC4)

3. Cucumber (Channel 4)

4. The Dresser (BBC2)

5. House of Cards (Netflix)

And the nominees for best film are:

  1. Amy
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  3. The Lady in the Van
  4. Macbeth
  5. 45 Years

And the nominees for best TV & film actress are:

  1. Sofia Helin (The Bridge)
  2. Sophie Grabol (Fortitude)
  3. Charlotte Rampling (Broadchurch, 45 Years & London Spy)
  4. Dame Maggie Smith (The Lady in the Van & Downton Abbey)
  5. Sheridan Smith (The C Word & Black Work)

And the nominees for best TV & film actor are:

  1. Sir Anthony Hopkins (The Dresser)
  2. Tom Hughes (The Game)
  3. Thure Lindhardt (The Bridge)
  4. Sir Ian McKellen (The Dresser, Vicious)
  5. Kevin Spacey (House of Cards)
  • Who should win and is there something/someone better we’ve missed out? Tell the author of this piece on Twitter @NeilDurham or in the comments below.
  • The winners of 2015’s monstagigz awards, or monstas, will be announced 3/1/16.



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