LAST NIGHT: THEATRE REVIEW: Sleepless: A Musical Romance starring Jay McGuiness and Kimberley Walsh at the Troubadour, Wembley Park Theatre


WHERE?: Troubadour, Wembley Park Theatre

WHEN?: 27/9/20 RUNTIME: 140 minutes (including 20-minute interval)

Based on the 1993 film written and directed by Nora Ephron, Sleepless: A Musical Romance tells the story of architect Sam mourning the loss of his wife Maggie who is persuaded by his young son Jonah to tell a Christmas Eve radio show how much he misses her.

  • Read on for reasons including how McGuiness and Walsh shine in their second big musical opposite each other

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THEATRE REVIEW: BIG The Musical starring Jay McGuiness and Kimberley Walsh


WHERE? Dominion Theatre RUNTIME: 160 minutes (including 20-minute interval)

WHEN? 2/10, closes 2/11/19

Fans of TV’s Strictly Come Dancing are especially well served here by a former winner of the Saturday night ratings hit as the leading man and a finalist as his leading lady.

  • Read on for reasons including how McGuiness combines wide-eyed naivety with dancing as good as Charlie Stemp’s

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