SONG OF THE MONTH: Can’t Tame Her by Zara Larsson (February 2023)


Think Maniac by Michael Sembello from 80s film Flashdance and you’re halfway there for a song which reminds of what the Swedish pop star can do at her frenetic dancefloor best.

  • Read on for reasons including our hope for an album and UK tour from Larsson soon

The lyrics are so 80s one almost expects Top Gun Tom Cruise to fly past in his fighter jet as Larsson muses on an enigmatic woman: ‘Smell her perfume as she walks through the door’ and ‘Club is closin’ but she ain’t going home, Night is still young, where the hell will she go? Nobody knows.’

We’re loving also that it’s been co-written by Larsson and MNEK who we saw perform together in Heaven in London around the time of 1 of their biggest ever hits.

Its lyrical definance sits well for what marks the 1st release through Larsson’s own Sommer House label and it’s a welcome return to the club almost 2 years after last album Poster Girl which was an album of the month for us but we felt was a little over-thought.

This new start may be just what Larsson needs and we’re looking forward to seeing her live again because the last time was 2017 during an impressive Eventim Apollo gig.

We said then: ‘She’s unrecognisable from the nervous 17-year-old we saw just two years ago and while we never doubted her ability to both dance and sing, it’s her flowering writing talent coupled with a super warm personality which means her popularity can only grow as the hits she pens keep coming.’

We don’t yet know whether this single is a one-off or whether there’s a new album and UK tour in the offing but we’ve our fingers crossed for both.

  • Main picture via Facebook courtesy Zara Larsson Tickets
  • Have you seen a Zara Larsson show before and what do you think of this song?
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