SONG OF THE MONTH: Nothing Left To Lose by Everything But The Girl (January 2023)


Duo Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt’s 1st new music in 24 years is very reminiscent of the dark electronic dance music with which they had their biggest hits in the 90s.

  • Read on for reasons including when the band’s new 11th album Fuse is to be released

Their late 90s top 10 hits – Wrong, Walking Wounded and the Todd Terry remix of Missing – were not however our favourite incarnation of the band although a current NME interview gives us hope that their upcoming album might offer some variety.

The band released 10 albums before they split in 2000 and new 10-track collection Fuse is out 21 April.

New single Nothing Left To Lose is a sparse dance track over bleak beats culminating with Thorn observing grimly on repeat: ‘Kiss me while the world decays, kiss me while the music plays.’

We met the duo at an HMV Oxford Street record signing of their Idlewild LP in the 80s although it was the orchestral pop of its predecessor Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (majestic sample lyric from Come On Home: ‘Every day’s like Christmas Day without you, it’s cold and there’s nothing to do.’) that was our favourite era of theirs.

Watt told NME: ‘We’ve never been a particularly nostalgic band – we’ve always been known for making a different record every time. Sometimes that’s meant going against the mainstream, but we just try to keep ourselves interested and keep things contemporary.

‘We wanted to come back with something modern-sounding. We’re not out there on the heritage trail doing ‘best of’ tours or playing arenas. We just wanted to make a piece of work that would sound great now in 2023. That was the driver.’

Thorn added: ‘It’s just a classic, desperate, yearning lyric about trying to connect with someone. I wrote the lyrics, came back and Ben told me he had these other lyrics, ‘Kiss me while the world decays, kiss me while the music plays’. We put them on the end because it was a killer line.’

Nothing Left To Lose could then be the new track most likely to reconnect the band with its biggest audience. We’re still hoping for something a little more classic Everything But The Girl for us and new gigs, we saw them at the Royal Albert Hall in the 80s, would be the icing on the cake.

  • Main picture via Facebook by Edward Bishop courtesy Everything But The Girl Tickets
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