GIG REVIEW: Victorious Festival at Southsea Common starring Becky Hill, Little Man Tate and Sam Fender

Guest review by Alfie, 13 years

WHEN?: Sunday 28 August 2022

Little Man Tate I have waited years to see this band so we fought our way through the crowd waiting for Becky Hill and got to the front.

  • Read on for reasons including Libertines, Sam Fender and Becky Hill

They were just as good as I expected but I wish they had been given longer to play as I missed their classics like This Must Be Love.

One of my festival highlights was watching them play Sexy in Latin and being given a thumbs up by singer Jon Windle for knowing most of their lyrics.

Libertines My mum is a lifelong fan and always goes on about what great lyrics they write, and how great they were at Victorious when they headlined a few years ago.

Mum said he took too many drugs but doesn’t now but to me it looks like he seems to have replaced it with alcohol. I thought they were good but there were squeaks from the mic (feedback). You could however see the two people (mum tells me Doherty and Barat) had a really good bond.

Dub Pistols I wasn’t asked to review these, but had to as they were sooooo good! I had never heard of them but really enjoyed myself. One of my highlights was watching the crowd jump energetically as the band hyped them up as soon as they got on the stage. Great fun, catchy songs particularly their classic Mucky Weekend.

Becky Hill Trekking through the crammed crowds, nothing like I have ever seen before, I easily could have lost my way. She seemed to take control reminding the crowd they were there to have fun rather than end up in hospital as she mentioned seeing at least 5 people being taken out over the barrier. However when we found a small piece of grass at the back she had a really good voice and was really good for a dance – many were jumping on the bins dancing in front of us.

Sam Fender I felt he was very good, but at times a bit slow for a headliner. It was nice to see something different and I loved his Aldi song. The fire, fireworks and confetti canons all put on a great show to top off the night. (Mum’s addition – love how patriotic Geordies are – I giggled at his Magpie inspired black and white guitar, the Newcastle United insignias on stage and Brown Ale inspired merchandise).

  • Pictures via Facebook courtesy Victorious Tickets 
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  1. nicknicklambert · August 29

    Tell Alfie, I enjoyed his reviews – the first of many, I hope!

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  2. mrmonstagigz · August 30

    Thanks Nick – we will pass that on.


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