TV REVIEW: 6 reasons why you should watch Heartstopper on Netflix

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

Author Alice Oseman’s web comic Heartstopper may have seemed unlikely source material for 2022’s best show of the year so far but below are 6 reasons with clips about why you should catch it on Netflix now.

  • Read on for reasons including Olivia Colman, Fisayo Akinade and a heartwarming first love story
  1. Nick comes out to Olivia Colman
The perfect coming out. Oscar winning Olivia Colman (Mosquitoes, National Theatre and The Crown) reminds why she is a brilliant comic actress as she says just the right thing when he son tells her that his friend Charlie is his boyfriend – but he still likes girls.

2. Nick confronts Charlie

Charlie’s quite a complicated character and his previous homosexual relationship hasn’t gone well and left him feeling that he doesn’t deserve bisexual Nick’s love. Of course he does. And, in a moment reminding of the climactic scene in Four Weddings And A Funeral, Nick tells him so. So. Moving (main picture above)

3. Charlie’s friends

Charlie’s growing up wouldn’t be quite so believable without the colourful cast of friends he has to support him as he ponders his life. Tao (top left) is particularly believable as a best friend who would do anything but especially ‘send a strongly worded DM’ to protect Charlie while his budding friendship with Elle is a thrilling counterpoint to the Nick/Charlie relationship. We need to know Elle’s backstory too. Why did she change schools? Lesbians Tara and Darcy, each quite different in their own confidence, are just everything too.

4. Tori Spring – the best sister

Tori features further in Oseman’s books but in a tiny role here Charlie’s sister is everything you would want from a supportive sister yet also offering a colourful complex character with her own world to explore. Older sister magic. ‘You’re not ruining my life.’

5. Art teacher played by Fisayo Akinade enabling their story

Akinade (Barber Shop Chronicles, National Theatre) is a West End star and his role as an art teacher giving Charlie the space to think and thrive enabling this story to happen is a joy.

6. Nick and Charlie’s story

We’re suckers for a gay love story beautifully told. This is 1st gay love – and is cute, bold and brilliant. Get ready to fall in love.

  • Pictures via Netflix How to watch
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