PREVIEW: Australia Decides 2022, Australia’s Eurovision selection show starring Jaguar Jonze, Paulini & Charley

By Aline Mahrud

WHEN/WHERE?: Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gold Coast Saturday 26 February 2022


Australia should be proud that 2022’s 11-song Eurovision selection show Australia Decides boasts 1 of the strongest line ups in any such process this year.

  • Read on for reasons including where our 12 points are going and our views on the entries

However it only takes 1 great song to win Eurovision and for a selection procedure to have done its job – and so below we run the rule against our favourites from Australia Decides.

12 points: Jaguar Jonze Little Fires (Deena Lynch, Louis Schoorl, PJ Harding)

Sheer class. Of course we haven’t seen the live performance yet but Jonze establishes a Beatles/Radiohead vibe with the restrained opening before it all springs into life with some uptempo angst thrown into the mix. Potential Eurovision Song Contest 2022 winner we’d say at this point alongside Ochman’s (still to be selected and performed) River in Poland.

10 points: Paulini We Are One (Rick Price, John Capek)

A strong vocal and a delightful, gospel-influenced uptempo disco number that should please die-hard Eurovision fans especially. Voting is half public and half jury here and we expect, unless the vocal is outstanding, that jurors might not be quite so keen on this.

8 points: Charley I Suck At Being Lonely (Claire Howell, James Vincent, Thomas Walter Jordan, Jonathan Dreyfus)

Quite downbeat and introspective for Eurovision but we love the ‘1,000 cabs without you’ line. Builds a little towards a chorus which is self-lacerating and while we enjoy this artistically we’re not sure it would make a brilliant competition song. Lots of chart potential though.

7 points: Andrew Lambrou Electrify (Andrew Lambrou, Joseph de la Hoyde, Nick de la Hoyde, Tim de la Hoyde)

Love the unexpected detour into Spanish which gives it a European feel missing from the majority of these entries. Not quite sure how Australia will react to it though. Otherwise it is uptempo fare never straying far from the dancefloor and we’d definitely shake a leg to it.

6 points: Isaiah Firebrace and Evie Irie When I’m With You (Isaiah Firebrace, Evie Irie, Taka Perry)

Firebrace finished 9th in the 2017 contest with Don’t Come Easy. Begins gently with Irie before building into a duet that is pleasing without ever blowing your socks off. Great to have a duet in the mix though to shake things up so it is not just male and female soloists alternating.

5 points: Sheldon Riley Not The Same (Sheldon Riley, Cam Nacson, Timi Temple)

A co-write and clearly the theme of difference means a great deal to Riley. Otherness has always been embraced at Eurovision and this has an alluring quality but we’re not quite sure it’s enough in this strong field here. Needs a big performance and Riley sounds like he has the chops to do just that.

4 points: Seann Miley Moore My Body (Ianna Rogers, Imogen Jones, Vanessa Rogers, Sean Carey)

We know Moore from all-too-brief bow on UK X Factor and always felt he deserved another shot. His Australia Decides debut follows an appearance on last year’s The Voice Australia. We’re here for his performance but not quite so down with the song. We have, however, only just heard it while some of the other other entries have enjoyed weeks of familiarity.

Much to enjoy elsewhere including a girl group (G-Nation Bite Me) and a band Voyager Dreamer (Alex Canion, Ashley Doodkorte, Daniel Estrin, Scott Kay, Simone Dow)

Time differences mean this will be available to watch online on Saturday morning in the UK and Europe.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Jaguar Jonze Tickets
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