SONG OF THE WEEK: What I Want You To Do by Stine Bramsen (Week beginning 17 October 2021)


Last night Danish pop band Alphabeat played their final gig in Greve as lead singer Stine Bramsen relaunches her solo career with this authentic pop gem that reminds these ears of a more muscular attempt at something as stellar as Adele’s Rolling In The Deep.

  • Read on for reasons including how and where to Bramsen play her new songs live in November 2021

Bramsen wrote on Facebook: ‘I’ve turned up the raw live energy a bit. The song is about reconnecting with one’s inner wildness and feeling the adrenaline pump in the blood again. That urge has never been stronger in my body than when I wrote all the new music I’m currently recording. Partly because I stand somewhere in life where small children and adult duties fill quite a bit, but also because Corona put an end to what I love most: PLAYING LIVE.

‘This is also why I chose to play many of the new songs live before they release.I do that at Hotel Cecil in Copenhagen November 24th and at VoxHall in Aarhus d. November 25th Of course you can also hear this new song. Hope you like it and see you live.’

Alphabeat will always have a place close to our hearts not least because we thought we’d have a chance to see them more often than their 2019 London comeback after 6 years away but we suspect the door to return might always be a little ajar.

Bramsen continued: ‘In November I’m going to play What I Want You To Do and more songs from my upcoming album live! Playing so many new songs for y’all is going to be pretty cross-border, but I need to feel the songs live and play with my new wild band. I need to break my own habits and not make everything so ′′safe”, so now I stand up and play a lot of new songs for you. If y’all can stand it, then y’all should also get a handful of those you know too. Then we’ll see how it goes.’

We’d love to be at those gigs because the new single is so strong and Bramsen is formidable live. Fingers crossed she can make it over to London to give us an in-person taste of that new album.

  • Pictures via Facebook courtesy Alphabeat Stine Bramsen tickets
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