THEATRE REVIEW: Foxes starring Michael Fatogun, Anyebe Godwin and Doreene Blackstock at Theatre503

WORTH A LOOK?: ***1/2

WHEN?: Tuesday 5 October, runs to 23 October 2021 RUNTIME: 85 minutes (no interval)

We are at the home of new writers and author Dexter Flanders gives us Daniel played by Michael Fatogun (pictured below) whose girlfriend is pregnant with their child while he is confused by his relationship with friend Leon.

  • Read on for reasons including which actor from Netflix’s Sex Education appears here

Foxes examines what it’s like to grow up in London’s Caribbean community with black street culture influences when there is very little affirming new feelings you don’t quite understand.

Daniel is shocked when friend Leon, sensitively played by Anyebe Godwin, goes to kiss him as they wrestle on his sofa.

Back home his spirited pregnant girlfriend Meera is brought to life by July Namir who grows concerned that Daniel is seeing someone else because their sex life is waning.

Doreene Blackstock (the mother of Eric Effiong in Netflix’s Sex Education) gives us Daniel’s religiously devout mother Patricia who doesn’t understand the choices her son is making and orders him to leave their home when he confronts her with his homosexuality.

Tosin Alabi plays Deena, Daniel’s sister, who is having some success with her career, confronts her mother with her hypocrisy and, in a memorable Foot Locker scene, does everything she can to reconcile separated lovers Daniel and Leon.

Michael Fatogun’s Daniel is believable and we empathise with his predicament as he ponders a crossroads in life and contemplates pursuing a challenging path.

This coming of age drama is familiar dramatic territory but it is its location in a community where coming out would be especially difficult told in language which would be familiar to that world that singles Flanders out as an author to watch out for in future.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Defibrillator Theatre Tickets
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